Knitting Resources

Here are knitting videos. Some were shot in 1988 and some were shot last week.  CherylBrunette TV on YouTube.

Here are some dandy articles to download.

Here’s my knitting biography. (It would be ridiculous to charge you for this. Of course it’s free.)

Here is where you can buy SWEATER 101. It’s a classic (like me). You too can design your own simple sweaters. Better yet, you can translate number-strewn, abbreviation-infected, typo-ridden commercial patterns to a sane, readable format. (You won’t believe how many mistakes you’ll avoid by working with a simple picture pattern). You can make a sweater from YOUR OWN GAUGE, YARN and NEEDLES. But don’t take my word for it. Read some SWEATER 101 reviews.

The Beautiful Daughter Afghan pattern. You can see it up close and personal on video even before you buy the yarn.