2-Fisted, 2-Color, Stranded Knitting

Here you go . . . a real, whole, 4-part video tutorial on stranded knitting, of which Fair Isle is only one flavor.  I’m especially tickled because it’s the biggest project I’ve done in my new studio, it fulfills a reward for the Kickstarter campaign that helped build the studio, and it helps prepare a VIP client for the exact sweater she wants to design when she gets here next month. Enjoy! Continue reading “2-Fisted, 2-Color, Stranded Knitting”

Elegant Ends: The Tubular Cast-on and Bind-Off

Here are a matching cast-on and bind-off that are worth knowing. They are easy enough to execute and they give an elegant edge to your ribbing. I highly recommend that you try them sometime soon. Like do a swatch. This week sometime. Consider it playing with yarn. And you do love to play with yarn, don’t you? So go ahead and do it. With abandon. With curiosity. With no ulterior motive other than enjoyment. It’s very freeing. Continue reading “Elegant Ends: The Tubular Cast-on and Bind-Off”

Loose at Both Ends

I have a book entitled Cast on, Bind Off: 211 Ways to Begin and End Your Knitting. It’s a fun book. I haven’t consulted it much. Most, if not all of the information in it I have in other books that I’ve been consulting for years, but it’s nice to have it all in one place. And I like the illustrations and photos. Continue reading “Loose at Both Ends”