Cheryl is Building a Studio


Cheryl Brunette Kickstarter Project

Cheryl needs a studio

I want to build a video studio so that I can continue posting free, high-quality knitting tutorials every week. You can help me by backing my Kickstarter Project.

To confirm that I’m a real teacher you can find over 100 videos on my YouTube channel,  download cool knitting articles, or download a big chunk of my book, Sweater 101. I have a long history, a reputation, and I can deliver, but I need more than a wheelbarrow, stool and tripod in a field to continue my work.

I’ve been renting studio space for 2 years, but the videos don’t pull enough YouTube revenue to pay the rent (which is not that much, but neither is my Social Security). A studio of my own will eliminate my biggest expense and I’ll have my tools, yarns and knitting library all in one place. Heaven!

The studio I’ve chosen  is a 10 x 20 custom pre-cut Mighty Cabana kit from Pan-Tek. I visited their office/display location between Seattle and Tacoma and love their integrity and quality. Here is the preliminary quote for the basic building and Studio Budget is a copy of the most current working budget for the finished studio.

Notice that there are no labor costs included in the budget. That’s because I’m blessed with the support of highly skilled family and friends who will build it. The volunteer construction team will be supervised by Cap’n Wayno of The Community Boat Project and they will put it up in a weekend. It will be an old-fashioned barn studio-raising. My only jobs are to cook vats of good chow and capture the time-lapse video of the project to share with all of you.

Thanks so much!