A Dandy One-Row Buttonhole, some . . .

1) You know how it is when you’re knitting a welcome-to-the-world sweater for your new grand-nephew on the way and you have everything under control, right?
~You’re ahead of schedule (smug smile).
~The sweater is pretty adorable (more smiles).
~And then the little guy arrives a few weeks early. (No problem. Let me sew on these buttons and this puppy is flyin’ south).
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Afghan 101

First published by Patternworks in 1993, Afghan 101 is one of the most useful things I’ve ever written. I use it every time I make a blanket. You can get it HERE. For FREE. And I encourage you to pass it on.

And notice that I didn’t make you give me any of your information before I gave it to you. I would, however, love it if you joined my email newsletter group. Somewhere between once a week and once every few months you’ll get an email with article links, YouTube news, extra knitting tips, random yarny ideas, special offers, an occasional story and maybe my locally famous “Blackberry Cobbler for the Potluck” recipe which has nothing to do with knitting, but it’s really good. AND . . . you get to help me shape new programming and tools. I listen closer to the folks in my email group. I just do . . . Here’s your chance to join us.

The Don’t-Show-Bethany Shawl Pattern Link

Carol D. wrote me shortly after I sent out the big email and asked for a link to the shawl pattern for my daughter-in-law. Sorry. I didn’t think to include it.

Not only is it here, it’s free. And Heidi Alander, who gifted it to us, is Finnish. I’m very fond of Finnish design these days. And my first boyfriend was Finnish and his design was cuter than anything I could imagine at the time. Even now, when I look back 50+ years, I think he was well designed.

So if you get a chance . . . thank her.  Here’s her Nurmilintu Pattern.


p.s. Szia is not Finnish. It’s Hungarian. My grandparents were from a small village in Hungary and I still have family there. It’s a bit like “aloha” or “ciao,” but with a different accent. One of those all-purpose hi-bye words. Very handy 😀

p.p.s. What’s even handier for those of us who speak English is that it’s pronounced just like “Seeya,” the truncated form of  “I will see you later, alligator.”

A scarf pattern and something for USM/BOND knitters

FIRST the project I’ve been working on for months . . . The BOND Bombshell. (Ta Da!)

BBombshell flat

Look closely to the right of the little yarn ball. Right! That’s a USB connection. The BOND Bombshell is a thumb drive (well, wrist drive because it becomes a bracelet) that you can consult in minutes to find every skill you need to make your knitting machine hum . . .  ALL IN ONE CONVENIENT, ORGANIZED, FAST-TO-ACCESS PLACE THAT YOU OWN FOREVER EVEN WHEN YOUTUBE AND I DISAPPEAR. Find out about it HERE.  SHIPPING IS FREE WORLDWIDE until I run out of my first order of them (which is not very many). And for the record? I intend to outlive YouTube. [FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE IS STILL IN PLACE even though I have reordered them]

SECOND: I forgot to post a link to that blue cabled scarf that I showed on my last video, “Measuring Gauge for Pattern Stitches.” It has a fascinating story behind the basis of the cable design. You can find the link to the pattern in the description below the video, RIGHT HERE. (You might have to click on the “See More” to open up that description box).

THIRD: Thank you for all the emails you have sent me with your knitting triumphs and challenges. I have read every one but I haven’t been able to answer them all. I’ll keep chipping away at them. You have given me the gift of great ideas for articles and videos.

Warm regards, ch

Two Baby Boys, Mrs. Shubel’s Pumpkin Bread, and a Holiday Wish for You

1) The Babies.
I have a new grand-nephew and when I saw the first photos of him (he lives far away) I knew his momma would not dress him in the sweater I had been working on. It was the wrong color. So I made another one.
Sweater #1 went to a neighbor baby who was born at almost the same time. But what struck me as I was whipping out these two sweaters is how I (almost) NEVER follow patterns exactly. For me Patterns are Guidelines, Not Gospel and if you click on that blue link you’ll find the article that will tell you what I mean and will encourage you to start thinking that way. It’s very freeing. (I was going to compare it to taking off your underwire bra after a day at work but that might be perceived as kind of tacky so I won’t).

2) Mrs. Shubel’s Pumpkin Bread
My holiday season is simple and quiet. One of my rituals is baking the above-named recipe for gifts. If you decide to make these loaves, your home will smell of cozy winter days spent next to the wood stove knitting, drinking tea, and nibbling. I’ve been baking it for over 40 years. It’s that good and keeps well in the freezer (though not for 40 years).

3) Thank you for your wonderful response to The BOND Bombshell. They sold out and the new order is here. I’ve extended FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE through the Twelfth Day of Christmas, January 5, 2016. Get ’em while it’s cold. [FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE IS STILL IN EFFECT]

4) However you celebrate this season . . . may your holidays and the coming year be filled with good health, reasons to be grateful every day, and a peaceful heart.

Warm, knitterly regards,

Off the Streets and Out of the Taverns

Sheesh! January didn’t elapse. It evaporated. But I found some things to keep me off the streets and out of the taverns besides toting in firewood every day because, you know, January.

1) I have a shiny new store despite my continuing terror of dealing with websites as anything other than a consumer. After 2 months of struggling (public service announcement: internet apps are buggy and tech support people speak in tongues) I had the good sense to ask for help. From my daughter-in-law. Who knows this stuff. Who is gracious. She found the solution in the time it took me to make lunch. I’d love it if you took a look. You don’t have to buy anything. I’m making myself be brave enough to show it to you. I believe in teaching by example. https://gumroad.com/cherylbrunette

2) Speaking of being brave . . . I wrote the article I’ve needed to write for a long time. Tie your hats down and buckle up because I’m sticking my neck out with this one . . . except I’m not. Because the numbers don’t lie. And it’s not your fault you’ve been frustrated.  https://www.cherylbrunette.com/2016/02/why-youre-frustrated-with-gauge-and-why-its-good-news/

3) Over 800 of you have filled out the survey, “Your Biggest Knitting Challenge.” And just in case you thought I was kidding about that . . . for my latest article I downloaded an Excel version of the survey, filtered it for the word “gauge” and printed out 3 pages of your comments. There are only so many phone and email contacts I can make with you but know that I use your “multitudinous tales of knitting woe or glory”* for a worthy purpose. I treat your words like gold. Thank you for them.

Southern Hemisphere folks: Stay cool. Knit.
Northern Hemisphere folks: Stay warm. Knit.


* Thank you for that great phrase Christina