Sweater 101 and more

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~SWEATER 101: How to Plan Sweaters that Fit . . . and Organize Your Knitting Life at the Same Time  This book been in print in for 25 years. That makes it a “classic.” It has helped thousands of knitters become confident sweater knitters and you deserve to be a confident sweater knitter too. You can learn much more about it and read reviews at http://sweater101.com/   

Or, if you already know you want it you can order it HERE. Hardbound, 2nd Edition, $32.95 plus shipping

Just like the Hardbound version but you snap your fingers and it downloads to your device in seconds. (crazy magic, I tell you)  Ebook Version, $29 instant access download

The BOND Bombshell

BOND Bombshell and Tea3 copy~Those Oldies-But Besties BOND Videos Wear a 3-day workshop on your wrist. Three full video classes from the  Marrowstone Knitting School indexed, transcribed, and loaded onto a handy USB drive bracelet for use with your BOND/ISM/USM knitting machine. Find any skill instantly and have 6 GB leftover for patterns, eBooks, and other cool knitting stuff. Bracelet USB Drive $59, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE   “Watching and listening to your videos almost feels like I am sitting next to you! You are a wonderful teacher!” ~BJ

MKS Gold~The BOND Bombshell Downloadable Collection has everything that is on the BOND Bombshell in a convenient download package. It’s a big file, 1.7 GB, so make sure you have a fast internet connection to download it. (I go to my local library when I want to download big files). $39 instant access download

The Beautiful Daughter Afghan Pattern

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~The Beautiful Daughter Afghan Pattern is an afghan with a sweet story. The pattern costs $3.50 and you can hear the story and see the afghan in this YouTube Video.


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